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The Bandit is an Unknown Solo Killer role in Wolvesville. Their goal is to find an Accomplice and win with the Bandits team. It is the base role of Zombie and Sect Leader.[1]

Role description[]

At night, the Bandit finds an Accomplice by converting another player. Then each night, the Bandit and the Accomplice can select a player to kill. The chosen target of the Accomplice is prioritized over the Bandit.

If they vote different players, then the deciding vote will be the Accomplice's vote.

The Bandit cannot be killed by the werewolves.

Only villagers and random voting roles can be converted to Accomplice. Trying to convert a werewolf will result in the Bandit killing that werewolf. If the Accomplice dies, the Bandit can select a new Accomplice the next night. If there are several accomplices in the same game, all of them win when the Bandit wins.

Win conditions[]

The Bandit wins if all alive player belongs to Bandit's team.


  • If Sheriff checks Bandit's target while Accomplice is nightmared, Bandit will show up as suspect (instead of Accomplice).[2]
  • If Bandit doesn't vote at night, they will appear blue to the Spirit Seer.[3]
  • If Bandit tries to convert someone protected by Tough guy, they will bypass the protection.[4]
  • If Bandit converts Tough guy while they get wounded by the werewolves, Tough guy won't die at the end of the day and will become an Accomplice.[5]
  • If Bandit tries to convert Cursed while werewolves are attacking Cursed, Cursed will turn and be killed by Bandit.[6]
  • If Bandit tries to convert a werewolf that is protected by a doctor, the werewolf will stay alive.[7]
  • If 2 Bandits try to convert each other, they both die.[8]


  • At night, the Bandit's vote appears as a pointing hand and the Accomplice's vote appears as a knife.
  • The Bandit can see their Accomplice's old role.
  • While selecting an Accomplice, the Bandit's vote appears as a mask.
  • This role was introduced in the 0.44.1 update.
  • This role was suggested by VideoPanda.



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